5th International Conference on Plant Diversity 2015

Purwokerto, Indonesia

August 20, 2015 – August 21, 2015

Plant diversity is one of the international concern due to the rapid extinction especially in Indonesia and its vicinity.  Indonesia is the second richest in terms of plant diversity in the world, however the threat is also the highest especially land conversion, illegal logging, and fires.  Plant diversity the degree of variation of plants in different ecosystems.  This can refer to species variation and  genetic variation.  Efforts should be made to save this variation by increasing number of information through conferences.

The exceeding use of rare plants is also a global concern. Conservation biology is a great challenge.  No country in the world can overcome the loss of biodiversity alone.  Without international collaboration, biodiversity loss can occure everywhere.  A tropical country like Indonesia will suffer from the damage and biodiversity extinction.


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